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All workers deserve a safe work environment however, some companies opt to put profits before safety and skimp on measures that can keep employees out of harm’s way. In Louisiana, businesses are required to have workers’ compensation policies to offer some protection for any worker who suffers from an injury due to their job duties. Our workers’ compensation lawyers help employees to fight for the compensation and benefits they deserve.

Factory worker in hard hat.Many Types Of Worker Injuries

People tend to think of workplace injuries as those that are catastrophic, but there are actually many types of injuries that can occur.

  • Catastrophic injuries: Traumatic amputations, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, severe burns, electric shock, crush injuries, chemical burns
  • Serious injuries: Broken bones, severe lacerations, contusions
  • Soft tissue injuries: Strains, sprains, whiplash
  • Cumulative trauma injuries: Carpal tunnel syndrome, knee injuries, back injuries, tendinitis
  • Work-related illnesses: Mesothelioma, certain cancers, asbestosis, occupational dermatitis

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are Available

Regardless of the severity of the injury, workers will likely need medical care. They shouldn’t be responsible for paying for that care. This is where workers’ compensation comes in. The employer’s policy will cover the cost of any reasonable care the employee needs to treat the work-related injury or condition.

Injured workers sometimes find that they aren’t getting the care they need or the benefits they are due. These cases sometimes involve the employee having to appeal a decision due to the wage replacement benefits being too low or because the medical care they need is being denied. Our workers’ compensation lawyers help injured employees fight for the benefits they need. We put our clients before profits by fighting the injustice that occurs when big companies try to short-change hard-working men and women.

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