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    Practice Areas

    Maritime and Offshore Accidents

    Fires, Explosions, Equipment Failures, Slip and Falls, Falling Objects, Exposure, Poor Training or Safety Policies

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    Emergency vehicles on scene of pedestrian accident.

    Vehicle and Pedestrian Accidents

    Automobiles, Motorcycles, Tractor Trailers and Semi-Trucks, Busses, Streetcars, Bicycles, Pedestrians

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    Medical Malpractice

    Anethesia Errors, Birth Injuries, Diagnostic Errors, Emergency Room Errors, Surgical Errors, Neglect, Abuse, Infections

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    man fallen off ladder

    Workers’ Compensation

    Repetitive Stress, Spinal Injuries, Burns, Back Injuries, Lifting Injuries, Mesothelioma, Shoulder and Knee Injuries

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    wet floor

    Slip And Fall Accidents

    Scaffolding or Ladder Falls, Sidewalks and Pothole Injuries, Slippery Floor Falls, Snow and Ice Accidents, Stairway and Escalator Accidents

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    Hazardous Conditions

    High Stacking, Unsecured Merchandise, Improper Training and Safety Policies, Improper Stocking Techniques

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    Products Liability/Defective Products

    Defective or Dangerous Products, Design Defects, Manufacturing Defects, Marketing Defects, Warranty Defects

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    Employment Discrimination

    Gender or Age Discrimination based on Refusal to Interview or Hire, Reduced Compensation, Denial of Benefits, Undue Transfers, Layoffs

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    Free Case Evaluation

    The attorneys at FL&J stand ready to help if you have been injured through the negligence of others. That begins by providing you with a free, honest and forthright evaluation of the merits of your personal injury claim.

    Fill out our Case Evaluation Form and give us the details of your case. Click the Submit Evaluation button when you are done, and we will respond to you within 24 hours. All information submitted is completely confidential.

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    “While visiting New Orleans, I suffered serious burns at a bed-and-breakfast due to the negligence of the owner. Dan Foley won a generous settlement that helped me put my life back in order. I highly recommend FL&J.”

    -Clyde T., New York NY

    boy with mickey mouse bowtie
    “I was a victim of medical malpractice while giving birth to my son, Ashian. He suffered brain damage and cerebral palsy. Dan Foley was  very kind, and the settlement that he won has helped me to take good care of Ashian and to be able to afford 100% of his needs.”

    -Elaine S., New Orleans LA

      Meet Our Attorneys

      attorney dan foley

      Daniel S. Foley

      Dan Foley has been crafting winning Maritime and Offshore Accident cases for over 40 years. His meticulous preparation and thorough knowledge...

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      attorney tim lamy

      Timothy K. Lamy

      Tim Lamy is the definition of sacrifice and accommodation. He was born in New Orleans and raised in Jefferson Parish. He obtained his law degree...

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      bryan jefferson

      Bryan K. Jefferson

      Bryan Jefferson is a highly experienced and energetic personal injury attorney, with a genuine commitment to his clients’ physical and...

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      Latest Testimonials

      man smiling
      “I was a wireline operator caught in a barge explosion. I had a fractured leg and severe burns. Bryan handled my case, and really looked out for my family. He took on a group of corporate attorneys and the award he won helped me to fully recover.”

      -Terrell T., Zachary LA

      Latest Testimonials

      little girl with caregiver
      “My child Mahlia suffered shaken baby syndrome that went misdiagnosed and resulted in permanent brain damage. For 14 years, Bryan battled through court after court until he won a sizeable award, allowing us to give Mahlia the care she will always need.”

      -Tasha B., Jacksonville FL

      New Orleans Personal Injury Law Firm

      At Foley, Lamy & Jefferson in New Orleans, our personal injury attorneys understand that accidents can impact people in different ways. The type of accident, the severity of the injuries and other factors will all play a part in how a victim is affected.

      Putting Our Clients First

      As the heart of our practice, our clients come first. Our staff is here to listen to your concerns and work to ensure you understand your options. We aren’t going to bend to what the other side wants. We demand that you get the compensation you deserve and that you are treated with the highest level of respect throughout the process.

      You can’t choose a lawyer based solely on advertisements. Base your decision on the history of the lawyer and the firm. Choose a lawyer you know will fight for your rights.

      Communication Is Important

      From the initial free case evaluation through the final outcome of your case, the staff at our personal injury law firm will communicate consistently. We work to address your concerns right away. In fact, when you contact our firm, we will respond to you within 24 hours to discuss your case. You can continue to expect speedy replies when you have questions or concerns.

      Scope Of Our Experience

      Our firm has experience in various types of personal injury law. For more than 60 years, Foley, Lamy & Jefferson, and its predecessors, has fought for our clients using the highest ethical standards. We represent clients in the following areas:

      • Hazardous conditions, including unsecured merchandise and improper stocking techniques
      • Motor vehicle wrecks, including pedestrian, 18 wheeler, commercial vehicle or personal vehicle accidents
      • Slip and fall accidents, including falling in a store or on an escalator
      • Workers’ compensation, including mesothelioma, cumulative trauma and construction injuries
      • Medical malpractice, including improper diagnosis, surgical errors and birth injuries
      • Maritime and offshore accidents, including poor training, explosions and fires

      Contact our personal injury law firm at (504) 586-9395 to schedule a consultation. Alternatively, you can fill out our confidential online form with information about your case and Foley, Lamy & Jefferson will contact you within 24 hours.