New Orleans Attorneys For Defective Product Claims

As a consumer, you count on the products you purchase to be as safe as possible. When there are manufacturing, design or warning defects in these items, you might suffer an injury. The product liability lawyer at Foley, Lamy & Jefferson is ready to help you pursue your claim for compensation.

Unsafe Products Shouldn’t Be Sold To The Public

Gavel and Consumer Protection Headline.Manufacturers and sellers have a duty to provide safe products to the public. There is no good reason to put anything that is unsafe out for sale unless the product is unavoidably unsafe and comes with proper warnings about the usage.

In Louisiana, you have only one year from the date of an injury to take legal action to pursue compensation for the damages you’ve suffered. The product liability attorneys at Foley, Lamy & Jefferson are here to help you learn more about this process. We will file your claim when you are ready, but don’t wait too long. When the statute of limitations date has passed, your claim can’t move forward.

Product Liability Attorneys Can Help You Prove Your Claim

There are four types of cases that qualify for product liability claims in Louisiana. These include:

  • Manufacturing defects: These have to do with things like shoddy workmanship or problems that are present due to the way the product was made.
  • Design defects: These deal with the way the product was designed to work. Designers must ensure they are taking safety into account during this process.
  • Warranty defects: These lead the consumer to use the product unsafely since the product doesn’t conform to the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Marketing defects: These have to do with a failure to warn consumers about the dangers of the product or how to use it safely.

Product liability claims are often complex. The defendants might try to fight back against everything you claim. The product liability lawyers at Foley, Lamy & Jefferson are ready to fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact our office or fill out the online form to get started today with a free case evaluation.

In most personal injury cases, the Louisiana Statute of Limitations allows only one year from the date of the accident for a lawsuit to be filed. If you or a loved one have suffered serious injuries because of the negligence of others, start the discussion now. Contact FL&J for a free Case Evaluation today.