New Orleans Attorneys for Car Wrecks and Pedestrian Crashes

The amount of vehicle traffic and number of pedestrians on the roads in New Orleans are outstanding. It is no secret that there are numerous wrecks throughout the city each day. For the victims of these, trying to recover is often very challenging. One thing that accident victims shouldn’t have to worry about is the financial impact of the crash.

Catastrophic Impacts Of Car Wrecks

The victim isn’t the only one who suffers when there is a crash. That person’s entire family suffers right along with them. Medical issues that stem from the injuries can be hard to cope with. The victim suffers from pain and mental anguish, while the family members have to suffer as they watch their loved one.

Some car crashes result in injuries like brain or spinal trauma, which can lead to lifelong impacts. These can change a person’s ability to care for themselves. When this happens, the victim might need personal care assistance and may not be able to return to work. This comes at a time when expenses might have increased due to the cost of care after the crash.

Accountability For The Crash

Seeking compensation for a motor vehicle crash, whether you were the occupant of a vehicle or a pedestrian, can help you to reduce the financial impact the accident has on your life. It is also a chance to fight for the person who caused the accident to be held financially accountable. The motor vehicle accident lawyers at Foley, Lamy & Jefferson work hard on behalf of their clients to recover compensation so they aren’t left trying to struggle through the financial crisis that a catastrophic injury can cause.

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