New Orleans Attorneys For Slip And Fall Accidents

A person who owns or occupies a property has a duty to keep the premises safe. Part of doing this is ensuring that the property is properly maintained. An unreasonable risk of injury shouldn’t ever be tolerated by a property owner. The slip and fall accident lawyers at Foley, Lamy & Jefferson are here to help victims fight for the compensation they deserve.

Hazards Abound Indoors and Outdoors

Caution, wet floor sign.Slip and fall accidents can occur indoors and outdoors. The risks inside can come from spilled liquids or moisture coming in the building from wet shoes. Blowers, mats and wet floor signs can help to keep people safe when coming in and walking about.

Outdoors, people face the risk of slippery surfaces from New Orleans rains. Finding ways to minimize the risk of a person slipping must be a priority. This might include having handrails on stairs or using appropriate materials for outdoor surfaces.

You Must Fight For Your Rights

There’s no reason why the victim of a slip and fall accident should be responsible for paying the cost. In Louisiana, you have only one year to file your claim for compensation. It might not be easy to show that the property owner was negligent.

Louisiana uses the concept of comparative negligence to determine what type of award is suitable in these cases. This means the court considers how much of the responsibility was the victim’s to see and avoid the hazardous condition.

We will help you to learn your options for handling your case. Once you file your claim, you might decide to go to trial over your case. The alternative to this is trying to settle the matter before you go to trial.

Remember, you have rights when you’re injured on another person’s property. The slip and fall lawyers at Foley, Lamy & Jefferson will help you exercise those by seeking compensation. Give us a call or fill out our online form today