Maritime and Offshore Accidents

Fires, Explosions, Equipment Failures, Slip and Falls, Falling Objects, Exposure, Poor Training or Safety Policies

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Emergency vehicles on scene of pedestrian accident.

Vehicle and Pedestrian Accidents

Automobiles, Motorcycles, Tractor Trailers and Semi-Trucks, Busses, Streetcars, Bicycles, Pedestrians

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boy sleeping with teddy bear

Medical Malpractice

Anethesia Errors, Birth Injuries, Diagnostic Errors, Emergency Room Errors, Surgical Errors, Neglect, Abuse, Infections

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Accident Victims

Motor Vehicle Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Premises and Product Liability, Offshore and Maritime Accidents, Workers' Compensation, Employment Discrimination

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man fallen off ladder

Workers’ Compensation

Repetitive Stress, Spinal Injuries, Burns, Back Injuries, Lifting Injuries, Mesothelioma, Shoulder and Knee Injuries

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wet floor

Slip And Fall Accidents

Scaffolding or Ladder Falls, Sidewalks and Pothole Injuries, Slippery Floor Falls, Snow and Ice Accidents, Stairway and Escalator Accidents

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boxes in warehouse

Hazardous Conditions

High Stacking, Unsecured Merchandise, Improper Training and Safety Policies, Improper Stocking Techniques

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satellite dishes on fire

Products Liability/Defective Products

Defective or Dangerous Products, Design Defects, Manufacturing Defects, Marketing Defects, Warranty Defects

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man with head in hands

Employment Discrimination

Gender or Age Discrimination based on Refusal to Interview or Hire, Reduced Compensation, Denial of Benefits, Undue Transfers, Layoffs

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