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    Since 1951, Foley, Lamy & Jefferson have represented the people of New Orleans, LA in cases of personal injury. With more than 60 years of experience in providing ethical, evidence-based legal representation, we pride ourselves on the legacy we have built. We believe strongly in the legal rights of workers and refuse to shy away from the difficult legal battle of defending the working folk of Louisiana from exploitation.

    Whether you have been injured due a technical fault in your place of your employment, or in an accident caused by someone else’s inattentiveness, you and your family are entitled to compensation. Our attorneys will guide you through the legal process every step of the way, investing our time, finances and knowledge to ensure that you are heard in court. If you or someone you love has experienced personal injury, contact the compassionate team at Foley, Lamy & Jefferson of New Orleans, LA today.

    Our areas of practice include:

    • Offshore accidents and other injuries commonly experienced in the fishing, boating, deep-sea oil and maritime industries.
    • Vehicular accidents, including those involving pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.
    • Injuries resulting from the malpractice of medical professionals and misdiagnoses of illnesses.
    • Workers compensation for injuries experienced on the job.
    • Slip and fall accidents resulting from the negligence of owners/occupiers of residential and commercial properties.
    • Injuries sustained due to hazardous conditions of certain retail properties.
    • Product liability and product defects, including design defects, manufacturing defects, marketing defects and warranty defects.
    • Employment discrimination due to gender or age.

    In most personal injury cases, the Louisiana Statute of Limitations allows only one year from the date of the accident for a lawsuit to be filed. Contact FL&J and start the discussion today.

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